Bonding paper and Trust

Pack Bond Cold



A) Form : Powder
B) Colour : Light to dark brown
C) Moisture content : 7 %
D) Ash [Dry basis} : 1 %
E) Powder water ratio : 1 : 3 to 6. As per your specification
F) Solid Content : 14 to 25% As per your specification
G) Viscocity : 40 Sec. in B4 Cup or as per your specification




1. Used as a ply binder in the corrugation box manufacturing Industries with wide range of gramage of papers.





1. Gives more adhesion with less consumption.
2. High bonding strength.
3. High productivity due to low viscosity.
4. Quick drying.
5. Excellent burst resistance and superior bonding.
6. Low consumption-more milage.
7. De-lamination never occurs.
8. Uniform quality
9. Longer self life after mix.





Packed in 30 kg, 50 kg, woven sacks bags with inside P.P.




Shelf life:

9 month from the date of packing

At PAP, quality is given major importance while formulating the starch based products. We apply the latest techniques for quality assurance and production control and continue with efforts to improve standards even further. A team of experts monitors the entire process to check the quality at all the levels.